*2* Days Ultimate Why Warrior Total Immersion Boot Camp

April 26 & 27, 2019
West Palm Beach, Florida

Without a Rock Solid Why, Nothing will Ever Change for YOU!

Read What These Champions Just Like You are Saying…

"The Why Warrior Boot Camp was amazing! John addressed all of the things I have to improve upon to become successful and to strengthen my Why. My Why will continue to develop as I get stronger in my journey. The old me has to be disrupted! This event is refreshing my vision for my future. I have to face my fears and move forward. My Why is the staple that will hold it all together!"

- Angie Outen, Entrepreneur, North Carolina

"The 10 Life Lessons to Find Your Why Now book is my favorite book by John Di Lemme! The wisdom that John shares within these pages is the foundation to achieving massive success. I can’t seem to get enough of it! My Why is the reason that I do what I do every day. It's the reason that I get out of bed in the morning. My Why drives me to overcome adversity and make faithful decisions that keep me moving forward toward the achievement of my goals and dreams."

- Carol Grant, Lawyer, Florida

During this *2* Day Explosive Event, You’ll Discover How to …

  • Find Your Why (Ultimate Purpose) and Radically Change Your Life Forever
  • Build a Rock-Solid Foundation that will Enable You to Build a Massive Business
  • Overcome the Obstacles that have been Hindering Your Success Too Long
  • Create a Legacy for Yourself and Your Family that will Last for Years to Come
  • Defeat the Enemy of Fear, Procrastination, and Doubt that is Stopping You from Living the Champion Life that You Deserve to Live
  • Annihilate Destructive Habits that are Keeping You Stuck
  • Release the Shackles that are Holding You Captive and Explode Your Level of Success in Life and Business
  • Build a Champion Mastermind Team that will Support You Through Thick and Thin…You can’t Do It Alone!
  • Gain Self-Confidence and Destroy Your Fear of Speaking in Front of Others by Standing Strong on Your Why
  • Increase Your Bottom-Line Profits without Decreasing Prices by Knowing Your Why
  • Create a Raving Customer Base by Building Your Business Laser-Focused on Your Why
  • PLUS So Much More!

Check Out These Champions that have Committed to Attending this EXPLOSIVE Event…

*Eric Chamberlain - New York
*Donald Pirie - Massachusetts
Dr. Sandra Kahn - Florida
Mark Smith – Florida
Carol Smith – Florida
Carolann Brockman - Florida
Dr. Christa Krzeminski - Florida

*John Adolfi - New York
*Christen Adolfi - New York
*Dr. Ira Bloomfield - Virginia
*Peggy Bloomfield - Virginia
Carol Grant - Florida
Wendy Albino - Florida

* Committed Champions from out of state.

Is Your Name on this List? Why Not??? Your WHY Depends on It!

Call or Text (561) 847-3467 or Email John@GiantGoals.com to Discover How to Add Your Name to the List of Champions Above PLUS Save 50% Off Your Ticket to this Life-Changing Event

Your Why Warrior Boot Camp Ticket Includes...

  • *2* Full Days of the Why Warrior Total Immersion Boot Camp in a Locker Room Environment Limited to *15* Champions
  • Event Starts on Time and Ends on Time From 11:00am to 7:00pm
  • Very Interactive, Round Table Workshop
  • All Training Materials Needed for the Event (...and You OWN Them FOR LIFE!)
  • Catered Lunch is Included From 2:00pm to 3:00pm at the Event Hotel
  • Light Snacks Before and After Lunch in the Event Room During the Event Breaks (...the Snacks are Awesome!)
  • Coffee, Tea and Water Available for **FREE** All Day
  • Electronic Refreshment Station Available (...for Recharging All of Your Electronic Devices While Attending the Event)
  • Awesome Millionaire Atmosphere with No Negative Outside Influence
  • Networking and Getting to Know All of the Other Millionaire Champions
  • John Di Lemme is with the Group the ENTIRE Time Including Lunch and All Event Breaks (Yes, John is with the Group the ENTIRE Time!)
  • PLUS Other Awesome Surprise Bonuses and Special Recognition for All Champions

Call or Text (561) 847-3467 or Email John@GiantGoals.com to Discover How to Add Your Name to the List of Champions Above PLUS Save 50% Off Your Ticket to this Life-Changing Event